This activity allows you to be in close contact with our different birds and learn more about the history, rudiments and responsibilities related to the art of falconry. Living this activity gives you the chance to check if the sacred fire of falconry burns in you!

Please note that although this activity allows you to touch falconry a little, it is not eligible for the apprentice falconer's permit. If falconry training is the purpose of your visit, we invite you to refer to the "Falconry Training" tab from the <<Program>> button in the main menu.

The activity includes:

-History: Learning the basic history of falconry.

-Familiarization with birds: A meeting with the birds of the center

-Walk on the trail: A walk accompanied by a falconer and his bird.

-Falconry 101: An overview of the technical sides of falconry such as: the handling and techniques of the animal on the glove, its training and training, its lifestyle (diet and habits), its health and its diseases, its anatomy, the different essential equipment used in falconry, the different species of birds used in falconry depending on the levels (novice, intermediate and expert), a quick overview of the laws governing falconry in Quebec according to the Ministry of ForestsMinister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks of Québec, the flight of the bird and the hunting of the bird of prey

-*Flight demonstration: A bird flight demonstration. * If the location allows

This event is open from April 1st to October 1st, depending on weather conditions. Once the registration is completed and sent to the center by email, you will receive the choice of dates available for your visit.

The form and location of the demonstration is decided by the host and consolidated by Northern Wings. If necessary, proof of authorization could be requested before confirming the reservation if the host is not the owner of the desired location for the activity.

Minor children (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times when participating in the activity.

Duration: 12 pm-4pm

Child 3 and under: Free
Child from 4 to 5 years old: 5.50$
Child from 6 to 11 years old: 12.50$
Child 12 to 17 years old: 35$
Regular admission (18 and over): 60$
Compulsory guide for certified disabled person: Free

*Furthermore taxes; payable in cash, by interac transfer, check or, via our website, by credit card or paypal. Payment by check will confirm the reservation on receipt only

To make a reservation, please fill in the registration form accessible via the link below, indicating your availability and you will receive a response confirming our availability to finalize your reservation. It is preferable to complete the registration form at least 72 hours in advance, since availability fills up quickly. Additional charges may apply for last minute bookings.

Maximum six (6) participants per activity session.

If your group is composed of more than six (6) participants, please inform us on the registration form so that we can discuss possible accommodations.

In case of bad weather conditions, you will be contacted by email or phone in advance so that a new date can be offered. In case the availability does not match your schedule, please notify us as soon as possible. Cancellations must be confirmed thirty-six (36) to forty-eight (48) hours before the event for a refund; any last minute cancellation is non-refundable.

As the activity takes place outside, we strongly recommend that you have adequate clothing with you.

It is strongly recommended that the registration form be completed at least 72 working hours before the desired date given the high demand for activity in season.

Please wait for confirmation of receipt before proceeding to payment. The final price will be adjusted according to the number of participants in the chosen activity, if applicable.

To Register, please contact us via email or our facebook page.

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* Customers are required to notify us of any allergy or health problem of one or more participants that may compromise the safe practice of the activity.

Our falconers are trained in first aid and have a first aid kit at all times. *