This section will provide answers to the most frequent questions we receive; if any interrogations are persisting, feel free to reach out by email!


Q: When was Northern Wings started?:

A: Northern Wings started in late 2014 by a young falconer who has been passionate about birds of all types and variations of them for a long time! She hopes to educate audiences and pass the knowledge she has and demonstrate what these birds can do. Even though Northern Wings his still a relatively young project, we are doing the best to educate as many people as possible as these birds play an important role in our environment!


Q: Are the people who work at Northern Wings all falconers?:

A: No.;There are only a few of us who work at Northern Wings that are licensed falconers. They are the only employees that are authorized to handle the birds and can present them to the audiences. 


Q: Can I help out or even volunteer at Northern Wings?:

A: Yes you can! You must fill out a form and meet the staff in order to be accepted at Northern Wings. Volunteering implies: cleaning the aviaries, help with the birds’ care and participate into the various events we attend each year.


Q: Do I need to be bilingual? Should I be able to speak fluent french AND english in order to volunteer at Northern Wings?:

A: Being bilingual is definitely a big plus. Both languages are very important when it comes to communicating with our guests and visitors. However, if you have basic knowledge of the language you have difficulty with, no worries – you’ll learn along the way, and your communication skills and vocabulary will only get better!


Q: Do I need to learn about the species of the birds I’ll meet at Northern Wings?:

A: It is preferable. It is very important to understand how learning about the species at Northern Wings is vital: You will be sharing knowledge about they're natural habitat, diets, prey, predators as well the dangers that can harm or kill  the birds with our guests and visitors. In order to share knowledge, you must first learn it yourself.


Q: I'm not a Falconer, but I want to become one and volunteer at the centre! Does Northern Wings offer falconry courses?:

A: Yes, we do! We offer courses only to those who are 100% committed into falconry. We also provide a free falconry course only to limited volunteers after being with us for over a year and committed to continue  to support Northern Wings. 


Q: If I were to get my falconry permit, does this mean I can own owls? Or any species of birds?:

A: The only birds you can own are the ones listed in the Regulations laws of Quebec in the Class 1 permit section.  The regulations include, but are not limited to:






If you’d like to  have your very own bird of another species, you must fill the requirements and obtain the according permit to do so. But, if you would only like to be able to handle and care for other birds than what the Regulations allow, you may  volunteer at zoos, rehabilitation centers or educational programs such as us here at Northern Wings.


Q: I'd like to make a donation! Where can I send it to?:

A: First of all, we’d like to thank you for your consideration.  Each and every donation helps cover the cost for our birds yearly medical check ups and daily quality food supplies as well as any emergency we have to cover. Please refer to our <<Contact>> page in order to send your donation. Please accept our most sincere appreciation for your help!


Q: What's Northern Wings’ goal?:

A: Our goal is to educate audiences of all ages about our birds, and show what they can do! We want them to experience handling are trained birds, as well what it's like to be a falconer. Raptor birds play a very important role in the wild as they control the populations of animals they feed on!

The survival chances of these birds are very slim the first year of being a juvenile, and we want to help increase their chances of survival by teaching students what they can accommodate to help the population of these birds.


Q: What type of birds do you have at Northern Wings?:

A: As of April 2021, we have with us at the center a Harris hawk, a Ferruginous hawk, a Red Tailed hawk, a pair of American Kestrels, and a pair of Great horned owls. 


Q: How do the birds fly back to your glove? Don't they fly away?:

A: The birds we own are trained birds that respond to the glove when given little motivational snack when hungry– they are glutton little individuals. When a piece of food is placed on the glove, the bird flies to the trainer and, for it's reward, can eat the piece of meat! Yes, these birds can fly away if they wish to, but that's up to the falconer's responsibility to know their scale weight before taking them out for flight. Guests and visitors can witness the remarkable connection between a falconer and its bird during our free flight activities; please visit our <<Programs>> section to know more!


Q: Can we follow the bird’s everyday life on the internet via a webcam streaming?:

A: We hope the reach the goal of getting there! It is indeed an average term goal we have at Northern Wings. A way to obtain this special feature quicker would be to contribute so we can get the adequate equipment to do so! For now, you can follow us on our social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook.


Your question hasn’t been answered here? No worries! Contact us by email at info@northerwings.ca and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!