The demonstration of free flight of birds of prey is an event that allows everyone to learn more about the species presented as well as to attend flight exercises. The activity can take place in a field, a path ... At the choice of the host! Note that this service can be held in a school or on private land.

The form and location of the demonstration is decided by the host and consolidated by Northern Wings. If necessary, proof of authorization could be requested before confirming the reservation if the host is not the owner of the desired location for the activity.

The demonstration includes:

-Features: A learning of the basic concepts on the anatomy, the behavior and the biology of the bird of prey as well as its way of life, its environment, its manners, its growth, its moult and its diet
-Falconry: A brief overview of the history of falconry through the ages until today.
-Equipment: A basic presentation of essential equipment used in falconry.
Behaviors: Behaviors from young to adult, the role of the mother in raising their chicks.
-Feathers: A species recognition activity according to the identification of feathers.
-Free flight: Live free fly one of our trained birds.
-*Trail ride: A trail flight demonstration
*If the location allows it

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Minor children (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times when participating in the activity.

The health and safety of the birds being the main criterion, we strongly suggest to hold the activity in an open place (open forest, fields ...) or hiking trails. Any place with the presence of electrical installations (wiring, transformer, pylons, poles ...) or other potential danger to the health of our birds will not be considered or will be refused immediately. In addition, we strongly suggest that any chemical used for landscaping, such as pesticides and rodent or insect poison, should not be used in the week preceding the demonstration. Please indicate in the form the type of product used in grounds maintenance, if possible, in order to keep our birds in great shape. Failure to do so could result in punitive procedures if a bird is injured or its health is compromised.

Duration: Full day
* Price: 450* per group; 30* per additional group

*Furthermore taxes; payable in cash, by interac transfer, check or, via our website, by credit card or paypal. Payment by check will confirm the reservation on receipt only

This event is open from June 1st to October 1st, depending on weather conditions. Once the registration is completed and sent to the center by email, you will receive the choice of dates available for your visit.

It is strongly recommended that the registration form be completed at least 72 working hours before the desired date given the high demand for the activity in season; a last minute booking may incur additional charges.


If you wish to offer the presentation to more than one group, simply mention it in the form.


It is the customer's responsibility to provide a sufficiently large space with tables so that the falconers can make the presentation ergonomically and can move easily with the birds.


In case of bad weather conditions, you will be contacted by email or telephone in advance so that the presentation can be moved indoors or a new date is agreed between the client and Northern Wings. In case the availability does not match your schedule, please notify us as soon as possible. Cancellations must be confirmed thirty-six (36) to forty-eight (48) hours before the event for a refund; any last minute cancellation is non-refundable.

Please wait for confirmation of receipt before proceeding to payment. The final price will be adjusted according to the number of participants in the chosen activity, if applicable.

To Register, please contact us via email or our facebook page.

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* Customers are required to notify us of any allergy or health problem of one or more participants that may compromise the safe practice of the activity.
Our falconers are trained in first aid and have a first aid kit at all times. *