We breed a fine pair of Harris Hawks. Extremely Sociable and great hunters, Harris Hawks have been used for over 30 years into the sport of Falconry. These species are used by apprentices, general falconers, and Educators. 




Reservations for Juvenile birds starts now and will be ready in early 2020 (March-June /September-October) and early 2020 (March).

A minimum deposit of $250.00 ensure your position in line to obtain one of these magnificent birds. When sending payment, please give the following gender you wish to buy to our email Info@Northernwings.ca. Prices are only available by contact via email given in the description on this page.


*REMINDER!*: It is required to present your falconry permit before selling the bird to you. By depositing 250$, you agree that the minimum deposit is non refundable if cancelling your order. You can also place the same deposit of 250$ if assured that you are getting a 2020 juvenile bird.*


We ship our birds to Canada only. To know shipping rates, please email us the province you live in.

* We offer limited private falconry courses. To know more, please email us.*