“Even for the simple flight of a bird all the sky is necessary.” 

-Inspired by a quote from Paul Claudel


In tribute to our beloved birds who left too early; We will never forget you.

The Borealis Red-Tailed Hawk

Hylow was one of our Hawk and our only Borealis Morf. Anyone could take it and tease it, it was gentle with everyone and liked attention. Hylow was only with us for a year, but he had already won the hearts of many around him. He is survived by Maggie, her coach and the vice-president of the Northern Wings. You will always be remembered, Hylow.

HYLOW - 2017-2018 - CFQPQ 180

The Red -Tailed Hawk

Auron was one of our ambassadors for the Northern Wings and also the most shy of the group. Not very fond of large crowds; he did a fantastic job meeting alone with the participants. He had his favorite trainer and she and all the team members miss him enormously. Illness is always an injustice. Auron will have a place in our hearts forever.


AURON - 2014-2018 - CFQPQ 63

The European Kestrel

Yuma was our first male European Kestrel and what a feathered love ball was! Yuma suffered from neurological disorders which unfortunately got the better of him in the long term. We did our best to give him the proper treatment and love to spare and he fought with all his might but without success. With all our tenderness, rest now, Yuma.


YUMA - 2016-2019 - GCBF - 16/2