Northern Wings Falconry & Birds of Prey Education Center.

Les Ailes du Nord Centre Educatif de fauconnerie et d'oiseau de proie.

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The educational center "Northern Wings" was set up at the end of 2014 by Alia Di Genova, a young falconer woman with a deep passion for birds, all species combined. After studying birds' behaviors and their way of life for a while, a desire to share knowledge and the desire to educate young and old about birds of prey and what they have to offer this project.


We are a volunteer runned organisation that educates the public through events, demonstrations and educational tours on the basics of caring for birds of prey and the history of falconry. We want to educate people about the beautiful animals of birds of prey and educate them about their behavior both in the wild and in captivity. Being trained in flight, our birds promise a colorful spectacle that definitely deserves to be seen.

Many educational services and programs are available to you, both for schools and individuals, as well as visits and activities at the center. If you think that falconry might interest you, we invite you to come and discover it with us!

Our mission is really to share as much information as possible about the species that can be found on American soil while showing their incredible abilities and skills.

At "Northern Wings", we promise you a moment of unforgettable fun and learning with your family and friends in the company of our feathered stars.

Is your group bilingual? No problem; us too.

Welcome to our house!

Owner and president of Northern Wings.

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Vice-president of Northern Wings.